Taylor Swift Groping Suit Photo Leaked

www.stylebistro.comA photo that both Taylor Swift and the Denver DJ accused of groping her, David Mueller, petitioned a judge to keep secret, was leaked online by TMZ on Saturday. The picture, labelled Exhibit 14 in the joint petition was described as being, “extremely personal and sensitive in nature.” The petition filed last month further requested that the image “Should not be shared with the public until absolutely necessary (at trial).” Both parties noted, “It is all but assured that the photograph will be shared for scandalous and prurient interests” that would potentially influence a jury in the case which is yet to receive a start date. The photo itself shows Taylor standing close to Mueller’s girlfriend Shannon Melcher, while the right hand of David Mueller is behind Swift but not visible. The duelling lawsuits date back to Sept. 10, 2015, when the DJ sued Swift for lost wages after he was fired from his position after Swift accused him of grabbing her bottom during a meet-and-greet at Denver’s Pepsi Center on June 2, 2015. Mueller noted that his annual salary was US$150,000. Swift then countersued the DJ last October, alleging the assault. Both parties insist that the photograph proves their case.

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When discussing Wirfs with people close to the Iowa program, they describe him as a “mature” person who has made a few “youthful” mistakes (cited for being at a bar underage, DUI for operating a motorized scooter while intoxicated). NFL teams will use the interview process to help confirm that. One of the true wildcards of this draft class, Charles has the athletic talent and upside worthy of top-50 consideration. He didnt start playing offensive line until three years ago and will be only 20 years old when he reports for his first NFL training camp. However, whenever discussing his prospects with scouts, there is always a “but” that tempers excited expectations. Charles had multiple failed drug tests in college and served a six-game suspension this past season. He will really need to sell his character during the interview process to build up enough trust for a team to invest in him. From high school to Blacksburg, Hill showed a pattern of immature behavior that led to his eventual dismissal at Virginia Tech.

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Scouts say the coaches finally got tired of his “antics.” He stayed on the straight-and-narrow in his one season at Miami (Fla.), but he still has some damage control to do. Garvin doesnt have any off-field issues, but teams are going to grill him on the half-effort plays he put on tape this past season. There were multiple reasons for his decline in production in 2019 and his inconsistent motor is one of them. Garvin is immensely talented as a development project, but the question marks are why he is a projected Day 3 pick. A borderline draftable player based on talent, Galeai also has baggage working against him as well. He started his college career at TCU and was arrested and charged with assault following an incident where he punched two students multiple times. Galeai will be unable to workout at the combine due to that assault charge (dumb rule, but that debate is for another day), but he will still interview with teams. Dye is a very passionate player on the field, but behind the scenes, scouts have questioned his maturity level and drive.

That paired with a few failed drug tests from earlier in his career means he will have plenty of questions to answer from scouts. Bachie was a two-year team captain and an “extra coach on the field,” according to his coaches. But he missed the final five games of his career after a random drug test revealed a supplement classified as a performance-enhancing drug. At the end of the day, it shouldnt be something that hurts his grade as long as his answers are what teams want to hear. The week of the Alabama game, Divinity abruptly left the team due to “personal reasons.” He hasnt addressed the reasoning publicly, but NFL scouts say it was related to failed drug tests. Divinity returned a few weeks later and played in the National Championship Game against Clemson, but his reliability will be questioned by teams. Arnette made the wise decision to return for his senior season, playing like a player worthy of first-round consideration.