Taylor Swift Interviews Pattie Boyd – Blonde Episodes

Happy Wednesday friends! I am hoping you’re having an excellent week… ’s finally trying to cool off a bit within So Cal so we’re not melting! I make an effort to catch through to fashion magazines each day, but there’s been a great deal political bs inside them i kinda got a negative taste in my own mouth. But, today I found articles in Harpers Bazaar where Taylor Swift is interviewing Rock N Roll icon Pattie Boyd. The photos are stunning and this article is pretty interesting… I’ll offer you a few snipets here, nevertheless, you can browse the entire article if you’d like more. Have an excellent day! Pattie Boyd was married to two rock legends, George Harrison and Eric Clapton. She inspired the hits “Something” by Beatles and “Layla” by Clapton… TAYLOR SWIFT: I have already been so excited to speak to you because we’re both women whose lives have already been deeply influenced by songs and songwriting.

TS: You met George Harrison at 19 for the set of A DIFFICULT Day’s Night.

I stand using one side of computer, and you also on another. Does the idea of being called a muse feel just like the correct fit? PATTIE BOYD: I discover the concept of being truly a muse understandable once you think of all of the great painters, poets, and photographers who will often have had a couple of. The artist absorbs a component from other muse which has nothing in connection with words, just the purity of these essence. TS: That’s so incredible if you ask me. TS: You met George Harrison at 19 for the set of A DIFFICULT Day’s Night. Suddenly your daily life was changed forever as you fell deeply in love with someone who the planet was enthusiastic about. There is no band as large as the Beatles. Did anyone prepare you for the eye? PB: No. Nobody took on that role. Nobody thought that role will be significant to begin with. I recall a journalist arriving at our house 1 day and saying to George, “In every seriousness, when do you consider the bubble will burst? When will be the Beatles likely to be finished?

PB: You must understand that nothing remains exactly the same.

TS: That’s amazing you could go from the host to feeling incredibly frightened by the thought of this attention from individuals who loved the Beatles, and today there is only a large amount of gratitude from their website. For me, perhaps one of the most heartbreaking moments in the book is when, years later, you and Eric get married, and George and his new wife, Olivia, arrived at the marriage party, Paul comes, Ringo comes, but John couldn’t go. He said later he could have loved ahead. That night there is an enormous jam session, and had he been there it could have been the final time the Beatles played together. PB: Can you envisage? TS: My heart was pierced by that. TS: Lastly, what advice can you provide a 28-year-old who’s deeply inspired because of your outlook? I’d want to look back on my entire life with exactly the same clarity, wisdom, and peace which you appear to have. PB: You must understand that nothing remains exactly the same. It’s always likely to change. Depends upon keeps changing, we keep changing, things inside our lives keep changing. Nothing remains exactly the same. If you’re happy or you’re sad, it’s not likely to last forever. You merely need to keep remembering that.

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