Taylor Swift Teases New Music As She Surprises Fans In Nashville

Taylor Swift surprised fans on Thursday as she turned up at a parking lot in Nashville, Tennessee. The 29-year-old songstress, who in recent weeks has been teasing a big reveal coming Friday, showed up near a freshly painted butterfly mural. Taking photos with fans in front of the colorful design which is titled What Lifts You Up, the pop star wore a pretty lavender two-piece dress. Taylor added that the mural was painted by Denver-based Kelsey Montague who painted one of her favorite murals in New York. The singer, who owns a home in Nashville, spent 45 minutes with fans taking photo and signing autographs, according to eyewitnesses. Taylor Swift has been teasing new music for a while now and earlier today she continued to tease us when posed in front of a butterfly mural in Nashville! Keeping on the butterfly theme, Taylor looked sweet as sugar in a butterfly-laden co-ord by Rococo Sand. With its floaty, asymmetric skirt and off-the-shoulder crop top, this set is as cute and summery as they come!

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Unfortunately you can’t shop these pieces just yet but you can shop Rococo Sand’s butterfly dress at Amazon; simply click the link to your right. With summer fast approaching, we’re taking major inspiration from Taylor and filling our closets with off-the-shoulder styles. In a bid to emulate the singer, we’ve rounded up some baby blue bardot picks from the likes of Vero Moda, Missy Empire, Derek Lam and more. You guys are amazing for figuring this out because no one knew we were coming. No one knew this was a part of the campaign and what we’re doing, so you figured out the clue,’ she said in a clip posted to twitter. Taylor thanked the artist who created the mural in an Instagram post on Thursday. She added that the next clue would be her live interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts later in the day. The date ‘4.26’ started popping up in the captions on her social media in recent weeks and she started adding pink and purple glittery filters to all her snaps. And since March she’s been wearing pastel outfits for her public appearances including at at the iHeartRadio Music Awards and this week at the Time 100 gala. | Taylor talking to the crowd at the butterfly mural -- “You guys are amazing for figuring this out because no one knew we were coming, no one knew this was a part of the campaign. You’re the best, I love you so much!

This isn’t a happy song, but there’s something happy lying underneath it, and it was this specifically that made Taylor Swift stand out to me as someone to watch. She incorporates many cool little songwriting tricks, such as only using second person after the breakup. She can’t say words like “you” in that verse, because that person is gone. The person here now is one she can address directly, but that’s when the sadness seeps in. It’s a masterful start to a legendary career. Some of Taylor Swift’s most iconic songs use an overarching metaphor to get her point across. These are usually romantic metaphors, like the ones used in “Love Story”, “Superman”, etc. But “I Know Places” has a much darker theme running through it: hunting. In a move that could very easily have come across contrived, Taylor paints her and her lover as foxes being constantly hunted by the media. But what saves it from mediocrity is the atmosphere she paints through her lyrics and the song’s intense production. There’s a feeling of urgency and desperation throughout the song which, combined with a sexy vocal performance, help you to feel her plight.

She’s human just like everybody else, but the media has turned her into some kind of animal worth hunting. All she wants is something real, but the world has given her nothing but cameras and tabloids. But when that chorus hits, the mood becomes almost dreamlike. Does she really know places they can hide, or is that the fantasy she’s hoping for? Best Line: “Didn’t you calm my fears with a Cheshire Cat smile? And on the subject of Taylor Swift songs with running metaphors, we have “Wonderland”, which takes a stab at a very similar topic but in the context of Alice in Wonderland. Now if you’re familiar with that story, any version of it actually, you’ll know that it may just be the most wacky children’s story in existence. With that said, no homage would be effective if it weren’t completely insane, and that’s exactly what “Wonderland” is. Taylor tells the story of a love with many ups and downs as if she and her partner are falling down a rabbit hole. Over the course of the song, they start to go crazy. Crazy in love, crazy in anger, you name it, it’s there.

Luckily, the production surrounding these lyrics is up to maintaining the metaphor. The verses and chorus have a very dreamlike quality, describing the blissful nature of a relationship, but the bridge and drop are absolutely manic, as they depict the trouble that is brewing both around and between them. Little phrases throughout tell us that this guy may not be the wonderful prize she initially thought, but the rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper. This is one of the most fun Taylor Swift songs to listen to. The melody is fantastic, especially in that pre-chorus, and every other aspect of the song just continues to elevate it. Reputation is one of my Taylor’s most disappointing albums overall, but there are a select few gems hidden throughout (this is the first track from that album to appear since the 50s, in case you forgot). When “Call It What You Want” was released as a promotional single, I gave a huge breath of relief knowing that the Taylor I loved would still be on the album. This song is a sort of “final chapter” for a huge stage in her life and career.