SiriusXM Hits 1 Weekend Countdown: March 2020

First up we have Kesha with the next single from Rainbow, titled Woman. This is similar to a lot of her older work as it’s a little bit of an anthem. It’s nowhere near as good as her older tracks, but it’s still something that I find enjoyable. It’s a pretty solid track overall. Kesha’s vocals sound good as always and I like the production. But I’m not huge on the laughing in the second verse and the weird sound at the end of the song that sounds like laughing. I’m sure that was done for some particular reason, but I just don’t think it sounds good. But other than that, it’s a pretty good song and another win for Kesha. Next we have rising star Khalid with a song that’s been around for a while now, titled Young Dumb & Broke. I like Khalid. I think he’s a talented individual and I still have a hard time believing that he’s only 20 for some reason.

The lyrical content is definitely relatable even though I’m no longer in high school.

SiriusXM Hits 1 Weekend Countdown: March 2020

He has a good voice and I liked his contribution in Logic’s song regarding suicide. But I’m not huge on this “new” song. The lyrical content is definitely relatable even though I’m no longer in high school. I can understand why many relate to this. But the song is a little too slow for me and I find it underwhelming at times. It’s decent, but it’s nothing I’ll be looking back on. I much prefer his newer song with Normani Kordei titled Love Lies from the Love, Simon soundtrack. But as far as this song goes, I’m kind of split overall. Next we have Marshmello debuting with Friends featuring Anne-Marie. I think this is a very interesting song. It’s not amazing by any means. But I find it enjoyable to some extent. I think the production is solid, even if it doesn’t sound totally like an EDM track. It’s different, but it’s interesting in my opinion. Anne-Marie’s vocals sound good for the most part. She’s not a great singer, but she’s decent and her voice fits reasonably well here.

I think the song is pretty good.

Since Wolves is fading on me, I’ve been looking for something fresh from Marshmello and I think Friends will do for the time being. It’s kind of catchy and it’s something that I can picture having stuck in my head. Though I will say that it’s far from EDM and nowhere near his best work. Finally we have a Hits 1 favorite, Niall Horan with new single On The Loose. Hits 1 pretty much revealed that it’d be debuting earlier this week on their Instagram by saying that Niall “may or may not” have a new song debuting. When someone says that something “may or may not” happen, about 95% of the time, it does happen. I think the song is pretty good. As I’ve said before, Niall is very talented and one of the better members from One Direction. This song is faster than Too Much To Ask and it’s pretty upbeat. The instrumentation is good and I like his vocals. It’s not exactly something I’ll remember in the long run. But it’s enjoyable at the moment.

I like the verses, but the chorus isn’t that appealing to me.

Here is the Hit-Bound list. I’m not a huge fan of Drake as a rapper. I’ve noticed that the songs he sings on usually sound better. God’s Plan is not that appealing to me. It actually kind of bores me. It’s repetitive and underwhelming in my opinion. I know Drake is capable of more. With the past three singles ultimately failing to get anywhere, I have a very hard time seeing Delicate get big. I’m not a huge fan of this. I like the verses, but the chorus isn’t that appealing to me. It’s definitely not a bad song. But she has done much better and I think there were some better choices for the next single. I don’t think Delicate was a very good choice. Now that Bad At Love is finally starting to fade, Halsey brings her next single, Alone. I think this is pretty good because she really shows off her voice nicely here, similar to its predecessor. I am getting a little tired of Halsey in general.

But I think this song is pretty good overall and I wouldn’t mind seeing it on the countdown at some point. But I know it’s not a song that will stick with me. Done For Me is another example of how Charlie Puth has improved significantly from Nine Track Mind to Voicenotes. His voice sounds really good here and I really like the chorus. The production is good. I like the contribution from Kehlani. I think she has a great voice, yet she’s underrated. So I’m glad we’re getting to hear more from her on the radio. Demi Lovato recently released a remix EP for Tell Me You Love Me. Normally I don’t care about remixes because they aren’t usually good. But this EP actually has a Spanish version of the song, which I think sounds really good. She is already extremely talented. The fact that she can even sing in Spanish as we hear in this version and her collab with Luis Fonsi from last year makes me wonder if there’s anything she can’t do.